Image with the station names stylized like a subway map.


Station hours and tasks

Aeronautics and Astronautics 

33-116; 124pm

Tasks: Fill out 16-ENG proposal form

Snacks: brownies and freshly-made popcorn

International Students Office (ISO) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am1pm

Tasks: Get travel signature for I-20/DS-2019 forms

Office of the First Year (OFY) 

7-103; 10am4pm

Tasks: Think through major declaration and work on

time management

Snacks: Cookie decorating with healthy snacks

Alpha Phi 

479 Commonwealth Ave, Boston; 10am4pm

Latino Cultural Center (LCC) 

Latino Cultural Center lounge; 123pm

Tasks: Complete or continue your MISTI application


8-304; 10am12pm and 24pm

Tasks: Make an appointment with our Flexible Program


ARM Coalition 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Sign up for ARM roster and other resources

LBGTQ+ Services 

Hub of Tomorrow; 12–4pm

Tasks: Connect with SPXCE and the Rainbow Lounge

Giveaways: Candy, bookmarks, resources, and swag


69 Chestnut Street, Cambridge; 610pm

Snacks: Cookies, tea, cider, and coffee

Black Students’ Union 

Black Students’ Union Lounge (50-105); 10am4pm

MacGregor House 

MacGregor study room; 7–9pm

Political Science 

E53-484; 10am4pm

Tasks: Learn about minors and/or concentrations in

Political Science, the Public Policy minor, and Applied

International Studies minor

Black Women’s Alliance 

Black Students’ Union Lounge (50-105); 10am4pm

Maseeh Hall 

Maseeh lobby; 1–3pm

Snacks: Granola bars, fruit snacks, and water

Random Hall 

290 Mass Ave, Cambridge; 14pm

Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) 

BCS Atrium (46-3rd Floor); 11am1pm

Snacks: A coffee cart and giveaways


Math Academic Services office (2-110); 9am–5pm


Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Ask registration and HASS questions

Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Resume and cover letter review

McCormick Hall 

McCormick lobby; 4–6pm

Snacks: Popcorn

Sloan Undergraduate 

Sloan Undergraduate Lounge (E62-117); All day

Tasks: Career exploration: send requests to alums for

informational interviews, career research, apply for

jobs/internships; reach out to faculty with course

questions, reach out to students to form study groups

Snacks: Breakfast and other snacks


Chemistry Education Office (6-205); 11am3pm

Tasks: Open Office Hours for all undergraduate

students taking Chemistry subjects and Chemistry

majors. Stop by 6-205 to Take care of anything

Chemistry-related that you've been putting off!

This could include:

*picking up a graded pset or exam (please bring

MIT ID to pick up exams)

*request a tutor

*sign up to be a tutor

*submit a minor application or completion form

*ask questions about classes or degree requirements

Giveaways: Everyone who completes a task will be

eligible to win a Tech Cash Card

Mechanical Engineering (Mech E) 

1-110; 2–4pm

Tasks: 2A Proposal completion, degree audits, and

course petition forms


W31-110; 13pm

Tasks: Write thank you cards to people you’ve been

meaning to thank

Snacks: Assorted candies

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) 

1-143; 122pm

Tasks: Sit with the APO and complete your Academic

Program Form

Snacks: Tasty snacks and drinks


Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Write an Innovation Fund application

Giveaways: Coloring cards, pencils, and pins

Student Financial Services (SFS) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Ask questions about financial aid and accounts

and 2020-2021 applications

Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) 

7-104; 10am4pm

Tasks: Discuss CAP petitions


Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Fill out your MISTI application for summer

Student Financial Services (SFS) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Ask questions about financial aid and accounts

and 2020-2021 applications


16-128; 122pm

Limited to Concourse students

MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) 

10-063; 1–4pm

Tasks: Fill out the Energy Studies minor application

Snacks: Chips, salsa, fruit, and coffee

Student House - Fenway 

111 Bay State Rd, Boston; 79pm


Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Sign up for the Z Center, a recreation class, or the

swim test

MIT Federal Credit Union (MITFCU) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Take care of your banking needs

Giveaways: Small logo gifts

Student Mental Health and Counseling Services (SMHCS) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Schedule appointments

Giveaways: Organizational supplies

Delta Phi Epsilon 

515 Beacon St, Boston; 610pm

Snacks: Tea, hot cocoa, and fall-themed snacks

MIT Medical 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Sign up for the HealthELife web portal, select a

Campus Care Provider, and schedule appointments

Student Support Services (S3

5-104; 10am4pm

Tasks: All-day walk-ins

Snacks: Trail mix bar


Disability and Access Services (DAS) 

5-104; 9am–5pm

Tasks: Pick up accommodation letters

Snacks: Trail mix station

MIT Vote 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Register to vote for 2019 elections or 2020


The Undergraduate Association's Community

and Diversity Committee 

Z Center; 67:30pm

Tasks: Work out with the UA



E52-574; 10am–3pm

MIT National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 

Black Students’ Union Lounge (50-105); 12–3pm

Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) 

9-450A; 10am12pm


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) 

38-476; 10am–4pm

Snacks: Cookies, fruit, and cheese

Office Of Minority Education (OME) 

Hub of Tomorrow; 10am4pm

Tasks: Sign up for help in your GIRs through Seminar XL

or TSR^2


7-104; 11am1pm

Tasks: Submit Fall 2019 UROP Applications