What do YOU want to get done?

E-mail a professor ▢ 

E-mail your advisor ▢ 

E-mail your TA ▢ 

Complete OX ▢ 

Make an appointment at Medical ▢ 

Make an appointment at Student Mental Health and Counseling ▢ 

Go to S3 ▢ 

Go to Disability and Access Services ▢ 

Complete a CAP petition ▢ 

Complete your UROP proposal ▢ 

Work on your cover letter ▢ 

Work on your resume ▢ 

Apply for internships/jobs ▢ 

Apply for MISTI ▢ 

Complete your FAFSA ▢ 

Complete your CSS profile ▢ 

Put all due dates in your calendar ▢ 

Sign up for your swim test ▢ 

Join the Z-center ▢ 

Start exercising ▢ 

Go grocery shopping ▢ 

Clean your room ▢ 

Choose a major ▢ 

Choose a minor ▢ 

Get on the degree list ▢ 

Sign up for a PE class ▢ 

Travel signature for I-20/DS-2019 forms ▢ 

Register to vote ▢ 

Sign up for SeminarXL/LE ▢ 

Get started on a pset ▢ 

Get started on a paper ▢ 

Talk to a financial advisor ▢ 

Add a class ▢ 

Drop a class ▢ 

Make a dentist’s appointment ▢ 

Join a club ▢ 

Meal prep for the week ▢ 

Ask someone to pset with you ▢ 

Call home ▢ 

Sign up for TSR^2 ▢ 

Go over your degree audit ▢ 

Sign up for the ARM list ▢ 

Request meal swipes through Swipe Share ▢ 

Write a thank you note ▢ 

Get some sleep ▢ 

Put all Office Hours in your calendar ▢  Other ▢