Tomorrow Time: The Perfect Excuse to Get Things Done


Welcome to Tomorrow Time, when goals get met and students feel proud of their accomplishments!

On Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, MIT undergraduates will be invited to participate in a pilot event that tackles procrastination.

Imagined by S3 and sponsored by Mind Hand Heart, Tomorrow Time is the perfect excuse to get things done.

Students will be able to access commonly needed resources at the Hub of Tomorrow in Lobby 13 or can settle in to work beside their peers at comfortable spaces across campus. Think about the tasks you want to accomplish and consider visiting the different stations throughout the day! For a list of all the stations, see our Tomorrow Time map.

Students who accomplish their goal will earn a Tomorrow Time Pin. Plus, for every student who completes their goal, we will be donating a meal to a person in need. Help yourself AND help your community.

Congratulations on tackling your goals!